Whole new u


Dear friends- For years people have been saying to me....write a book!  I was always like, "I could never do that."  Well, never say never. 

I wrote this book for everyone who struggles with weight loss, living a healthy and balanced life and wants to be feel happier and fulfilled.  I wanted to write a handbook, so to speak, to help you begin or stay on the path to health and wellness. It all starts with small, daily changes.  Each page has a tip, motivation, recipe, etc. to get people thinking about health, weight loss, nutrition, sleep, exercise and so on. It's a pick up and put down type of book. The book's purpose is to say to yourself, "hey, I can try this tip today."  Or, "wow, I never thought of ______ that way."  Or "I never knew that about fiber."  And so on.

I have found many weight loss books, that I have read, to be restrictive and overwhelming.  This one is not. I have found most self-help books, that I have read, to be long winded and overly detailed.  This one is not. It's a get to the point type of book that is easy to use and understand.

It took six months of a lot of really hard work (wow....this was HARD!), but what I always say....if it isn't hard work...its not worth it.  It was worth it.  Every moment.  

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