For 10 years I have been teaching, supporting, mentoring and motivating people to live a healthier life. Through one to one meetings, group programs, corporate seminars and more, I have learned that now, more than ever, people understand that living a healthy lifestyle is essential to physical, emotional, and even financial well being.

I am excited to move practice to the on-line health coaching platform Nudge, a free app easily downloaded from your App store.  I chose Nudge because of its simplicity; it is extremely user friendly.  In my experience the more time and energy clients spend entering food, exercise, sleep and stress data, the less likely they are to do it on a consistent basis.

Nudge is fantastic in its ease of use, allowing you to easily input your hydration, exercise, nutrition and sleep.
And the best part? I get to see it all! Nudge also partners with health tracking devices such as Fitbit, Jawbone, Apple watch and others, so keeping track of nutrition, sleep and activity is even easier.

A friend used to joke she would love to hire me to follow her around all day and slap food out of her hand and make her exercise. Only celebrities can afford that sort of coaching…until now! Nudge allows me to check in with you on a daily basis to see how you are doing with your nutrition and health goals, gently encouraging you to be honest, accountable and disciplined. Discipline and accountability can be the hardest part of losing weight, keeping weight off and staying on track to live a healthy lifestyle.  Also, studies have shown that clients using an on-line health coach and the Nudge app lose 3x more weight and keep it off vs. those who do the app only. 

I’ve taught hundreds of people how to lose weight through my Whole New U Weight Loss for Life Program. Many have asked if there’s a way I can continue helping them with their wellness journey. Now there is.  With Nudge I can be with you all day, every day, to celebrate your victories, support you if you stumble, and help you to live the healthiest life possible.


Which package best fits your needs?


Bronze Level

* This level is for clients who have a fairly solid knowledge of nutrition, exercise regularly, practice stress management and sleep fairly well.  

-Daily check-ins via app including motivation, recipes and questions answered. 



Silver Level
*This level is for clients who are new to nutritional education, do not exercise regularly, would benefit from stress management and sleeping better techniques.  This level does require clients complete eight nutritional educational modules and one 30 minute coaching call per month.

-Daily check-ins via app, including motivation, recipes and questions answered. 

-Access to WNU Weight Loss for Life PowerPoints and lessons. 

-(1) 30-minute video call each month.



Gold Level

*This level is for clients who are new to nutritional education, do not exercise regularly, would benefit from stress management and sleeping better techniques.  This level does require clients to complete eight nutritional educational modules and two 45 minute coaching calls per month for additional support.

- Daily check-ins via app including motivation, recipes and questions answered. 

-Access to my WNU Weight Loss for Life PowerPoints and lessons. 

-(2) 45-minute video calls each month.





Client Testimonial...

"I read about Julianne in the local news paper. I've been looking to lose weight for awhile and after trying Nutri-system and weight watchers I wanted to try something different. I left a message with Julianne, she returned my call several minutes later and we set up a time for our first meeting.

The first meeting was to find out what my eating habits were like. She pin pointed my issues and went right to work on what she thought would best work for me. I travel for business so I'm always on the road. Julianne showed me the correct way to eat with more vegetables, fruits, portion control and Chia . I started to see results in the first week. The monthly meetings and e-mails that I receive from Julianne are very supportive and interesting, the recipes are delicious.

I have lost 15 pounds in 3 months, my cloths feel looser and I'm in better shape for tennis. I watch what I eat on the road. This program works for me since I prefer one on one meetings instead of group meetings, she makes it fun. I'm on a maintenance program now and I still receive the e-mails that are very informative. I will continue to work with Julianne and want to lose more weight. I feel like I'm on the right track." RM

Julianne is a professional and wonderful nutritionist. Julianne treats the whole person not just analyzing the food choices, measurements, calories, etc. Julianne teaches the individual how to think and question why a decision is being made and empower the individual with the tools to stop, think and realize the decision being made. Julianne uncovers the reasons why certain food decisions are made or no thought at all and it is an emotional choice. By being able to analyze ( in literally 3 seconds)- am I really hungry- am i leaning towards a burger and fries because I am angry, sad , bored and want comfort food but know I will feel awful and heavy and sick after the quick fix, so would it be better to have a loaded salad with vegetables I enjoy,etc.  Although I do not enjoy hiking up very steep hills, I know at the end I will feel better + each time I set a different goal of accomplishment which is how Julianne helped me to approach my well being - viewing my food, excersise and mental health. Her knowledge and compassion is invaluable. I strongly recommend anyone who is looking to really embrace a healthy you and lifestyle to engage Julianne and partner with her to really understand the triggers and alternative choices and views to work towards a better you. Julianne does not offer quick fixes and is never judgmental, it is always about finding out the why behind a choice and this is not treated as a diet but a smart lifestyle change. Thank you Julianne for sharing your knowledge and gift. - SC 

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